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Zee Studios’ announced the release date of Gurmeet and Sayani starrer horror film ‘The Wife’ with an intriguing poster

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While growing up, we often heard tales of supernatural entities lurking around where we lived, just waiting to nab us at the right time. Though many say they’re just urban legends, some say ‘She’ won’t let you go! Are you ready to be haunted by your dreams? Just remember: it’s not our fault that you won’t be able to sleep at night! Get ready to watch debutant writer-director Sarmad Khan’s urban horror film, The Wife, streaming from March 19, 2021, only on Zee5.

The horror stars Gurmeet Choudhary and debutante Sayani Datta as a married couple who soon after moving into their new apartment find their idyllic life unraveling in the most horrific ways due to the presence of a malevolent spirit. When their relationship crumbles, they realize that they must stick together to not only save their marriage but also their lives. The film is produced by Zee Studios who have launched the poster of the film. It features the lead cast in it and looks super intriguing as it unveils both romances as well as an ominous undertone running through it.

Zee Studios, Shariq Patel, tells us, “What makes The Wife unique is its urban setting and its matter-of-fact approach in presenting supernatural events as never seen before on screen. Horror as a genre is fairly untapped and I am sure this film will deliver the thrills it promises”

Actor Gurmeet Chaudhary says, “This is my first solo lead and you’ll get to see me in a whole new and different avatar in this film. The script is so fresh, you’ll find the movie to be a perfect amalgamation of spine-chilling horror, action, romance, drama, and everything that you’d expect and more. I am happy to be associated with Zee Team and extremely excited for the film to launch for our audience to see for themselves that it’s one of a kind.”

Debutant director Sarmad Khan said, “What makes The Wife unique is its urban setting and its matter-of-fact approach in presenting supernatural events as never seen before on screen. And I think the audience will like the most is the unconventionality of this film. Most horror stories tragically are quite predictable, especially for those who love this genre and can end up mostly guessing what’s going to happen next.

Yet, with this film, you can’t know anything for sure till you’ve arrived at the end of it.” Making her debut in The Wife, Sayani Datta says, “I am a huge fan of the horror genre and to be able to make my debut in one is the most exciting feeling ever. The entire experience of being a part of such a wonderful film has been a very fulfilling one indeed.”

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